About Us

Macro Mobile Marketing is a relatively new company, but not an inexperienced one. We have been building demo mobile apps for almost two years, but we have not put them on the market.  We have made a conscious decision not to market our apps until we were satisfied that we could produce a quality product we could be proud of.

There are many companies in the app building business,  but we have not been impressed with what many of them have produced. Cookie cutter apps that look like everyone else’s or that have limited functionality do not excite us. There are companies using software programs to generate, in our opinion, inferior or at least inadequate mobile apps, both web apps and native apps. Though we can also produce a web app for you, if that suits your need, our native apps have much greater functionality than web apps.

We have the capability of producing fully customized apps for your business. Our apps are tailored to your wishes and to the specific needs of your particular business. Your app will therefore be different from any other app you may see. Additionally, the apps we produce are superior to other apps in functionality. You will be amazed at the number of things that your app could be designed to do. Check out the features by clicking on App Features on the header or by clicking here to go directly to Features.

In addition, we are particularly pleased with our ability to provide you with a totally unique service: Dynamic QR Codes.  We are extremely excited about the possibilities of this mobile marketing service.  The ability to change information provided to your customers and clients at whatever interval you desire and as often as you like without changing your advertising copy is a significant breakthrough in the area of mobile marketing.  Check out the Dynamic QR Codes page.